In what has become the norm for the rapper, Kanye West sent a series of threatening messages to comedian D.L. Hughley on Sunday in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts after the comedian said he was stalking his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

West has been feuding with Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson publicly for months despite her requests to handle it privately and displaying increasingly erratic and concerning behavior.

The Original Kings of Comedy star was questioned about the situation in an interview with Vlad TV and didn’t hold back, saying, “He is stalking her. You can think it’s cute, if it was my daughter, I’d do something about it.” He also voiced a very relevant point later on when he said, “The difference between him and a restraining order is about 20 hits and a couple hundred million of dollars. I just don’t think it’s funny.” Hughley’s full comments are below:

West posted several lengthy Instagram captions responding to the comedian’s comments this weekend along with several threats. He first referred to Hughley as “a pawn,” at the end of one post, adding ominously, “Yeah I know a king not supposed to address a pawn but I address everything and find addresses DL.” He also ended that post with a message to Hughley saying, “I can afford to hurt u.”

The rapper followed these up with longer posts aimed at the comic, one alongside a video of an old standup set, and another with a Google screenshot of Hughley captioned “DL lives in Calabasas? Yooooo. God is Good.”

His longer caption was significantly more rambling, with repeated allusions to God and references to Hughley being some sort of leftist pawn including, “Come on leftist[s] y’all gotta do better than DL.” West also referred to Hughley as a “drug addict,” and wrapped his post up by saying, “Anybody else wanna play with me please please please for the love of God come and get me. Let’s see how it turns out.”

The screenshots of West’s full comments are available below:


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