Kanye West is trying to publicly humiliate Pete Davidson again on social media after tormenting him and Kim Kardashian both throughout their relationship and during their recent breakup.

Along with disturbing music videos and coining the belittling nickname “Skete,” West has been pretty relentless in coming after Davidson online.

West most recently posted a short message saying, “Ask Pete how those tattoos of my kids are doing in the trauma unit,” as part of a larger rant about control over his kids with Kardashian.

He also made Kardashian livid after posting a fake news headline in the wake of their breakup which read “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28.”

West was likely replying to a recent report that Davidson has been “in trauma therapy” due to this online bullying.

It is likely not just West, but also many of anonymous West fans sending Davidson hateful messages as well.

For his part, Davidson has not been posting much retaliatory material in response, though he did send a strongly-worded text or two Kanye’s way telling him to “grow the f––k up” during a period of intense harassment earlier this year.”

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