Kanye West joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show on Friday to premiere the first single from his new album Cruel Winter.

Kanye West Drops First Single From New ‘Cruel Winter’ Album

Kanye’s new album is considered to be the sequel to his 2012 compilation album from GOOD Music’s artists Cruel Summer.

The single doesn’t have a title yet, as hosts of the show suggested the song be titled “Champions” or “Round and Round.”

The single features a list of rappers including: 2 Chainz, Desiigner, Travis Scott, Big Sean, Quavo from Migos, Juicy J and Gucci Mane.

Kanye talked more about the single on Big Boy’s show, teasing that the song has a longer version “with 12 or 15 minutes, everybody.”

Kanye also discussed the controversial Taylor Swift reference on “Famous.”

“I told her we was gonna say that,” the rapper said. “I didn’t just tell her, I asked her how she felt about it.”

Kanye shared that there are about seven or eight tracks he knows are making the album, and a forthcoming tour.

“We about to drop this crew Winter, we’re going on tour,” Kanye said.

The rapper opened up about fatherhood, his Adidas collaboration and the future of his career.

“I’m extremely protective [of North]. When I left Nike for Adidas I did it for my daughter … there was an opportunity to make a better life for my daughter. I don’t want to have to be doing Gold Digger when I’m 50, I want to be joking,” Kanye admitted.

“I know I got rich people problems — they’re the only problems I want to have,” he revealed.

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