During Drake‘s OVO Fest in Toronto Kanye West came out for a surprise appearance. The two announced they will be delivering a joint album.

“Toronto, I got one question for you … Is you all ready for this album? ” West asked the audience. “I’m not talking about Pablo. I’m not talking about Views. I want to ask y’all, y’all ready for this album?”

Drake later came on stage to clarify West’s question to the crowd.

“What my brother was asking before was, are you ready if we make an album?” said Drake. “That’s what he was asking.”

Earlier this year both artists distributed their albums exclusively through their respective streaming services. West released The Life Of Pablo  on Tidal in February and Drake released Views on Apple Music in April.

Choosing a joint distribution method will be a challenge for the potential album. West recently went on a Twitter rant about the conflicts of business on the production music. He also called on Drake throughout the tweets and it seems he answered.