Kanye West is nothing if not a trendsetter. The rapper prides himself on his sartorial gifts and has designed shoes for both Nike and Louis Vuitton. But he swears he has no plans to start his own fashion line.

"I promised I wouldn't tear up, but have you heard of a little thing called Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro collection?" he asked his interviewer in the U.K.'s Daily Mirror. "That was like the 9/11 of fashion. It was game over for me after that as no one would take a celebrity trying to do fashion seriously."

West, 33, spoke more extensively of his troubles, detailing how he was discriminated against at Fashion Week because he was a rapper and not a designer. "I quit music for six months because fashion did not take me seriously," he said. Though most of the world knows him for his music, he doesn't want to be limited to any one discipline. "I don't want to be put in the hip-hop box, I'm an artist," he said. "Hopefully I'll hook up with George Lucas and do a film about yellow people with beaks."

Though he was happy to talk about his art, there's one subject that he's sick of: Taylor Swift. "She still hasn't hit me up," he said. "I'm over that. I'm an artist and I'm all about my movie now and am leaving that behind." –AMY LEE

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