Kacey Musgraves was the first guest ever to appear via hologram on a late night talk show when she spoke with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kacey Musgraves' Hologram Talks To Jimmy Kimmel

Musgraves appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live following her big night at the CMA Awards, where she performed alongside Loretta Lynn and won an award for Song of the Year. Musgraves’ image was beamed from Nashville to Hollywood, where she and Kimmel had a bit of fun with the hologram technology, struggling to ‘shake hands,’ ‘high five’ and pick each other’s noses.

“I’m feeling very futuristic right now. This is crazy,” Musgraves told Kimmel.

When not playing around with the hologram, Musgraves talked to Kimmel about her big hair, which was trending on Twitter, and opened up about performing at the CMA Awards sans underwear.

“Right before I performed, my panties totally came off. They were the stick-on kind…I had to rip them off – my whole band saw me – and I had to throw ‘em to the side, and then out she comes,” Musgraves said.

To end the interview, Kimmel decided to “shrink” Musgraves, saying, “We are not going to shrink you to a size even smaller than your grandmother, using my magic hologram powers. Are you ready?”

“I’m scared is it gonna hurt?” Musgraves responded, adding, “Don’t mess my hair up.”

Earlier in the show, Kimmel had himself ‘beamed’ over to the CMA Awards in Nashville. “I’m either a hologram, or I died and I’m haunting this theatre right now…If you’ve never been to Nashville, it is a great town, my hologram’s been having a blast. Last night, they found my hologram passed out in the alley behind Tootsie’s,” Kimmel joked.

Kimmel also had some fun with Guillermo and the green screen technology to make it look as if he was holding Guillermo’s disembodied head in his hands.

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