Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has his likeness appearing on the cover of a new Marvel comic book.

Justin Trudeau Comic Book

The latest edition of Marvel’s Civil War II: Choosing Sides has two covers hitting the shelves – one of which features a drawing of Trudeau in a boxing ring corner, elbows on the ropes, a wide smile on his face, red boxing gloves and a singlet emblazoned with the maple leaf symbol. Behind Trudeau stand well-known Canadian superheroes and members of the Alpha Fight squad – Puck, Sasquatch and Aurora. Iron Man can be spotted in the background.

In the comic book, Trudeau is approached by members of Alpha Fight in his Ottawa Office for some advice. “Above all else civil liberties must be protected. I think imprisoning people for crimes they may not even have thought of yet is wrong,” Trudeau tells the superheroes. “I think this is a dangerous path you’ve embarked on.”

Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau, who was Canada’s prime minister from 1968-1979 and again from 1980 to 1984, featured in a Marvel comic book back in 1979. In the issue, he was credited with founding the Alpha Flight squad.

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