After bringing sexy back and stealing scenes in one of the most talked-about films of 2010, it's safe to say things have been going pretty well for Justin Timberlake.

The 29-year-old Renaissance man suffered a setback last week, however, when he injured his calf muscle trying to do a stunt on the set of Andrew Niccol's thriller, Now. Timberlake was examined by doctors on Friday. "He hasn't heard anything about the MRI results," a source told E! Online, "but they're freezing production until he's off crutches and able to act again." The production halt is expected to last about two weeks.

Timberlake isn't too worried, though. "It's not irreversibly damaged," the actor told Entertainment Tonight of his calf injury. When asked for details, he said, "I was just on set and I hurt it. I wish I had a way better story about how I got into this Bruce Lee, Kung Fu fight with someone and, 'You should see the other guy,' but unfortunately I did it to myself."

Timberlake will star in Now with Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde, but if you need your JT fix much sooner than that, he can be heard (though not seen) as the voice of Boo-Boo in the new animated movie, Yogi Bear, out in theaters December 17. —KIMBERLY STEELE

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