Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were among many celebrity couples on the red carpet before the Golden Globes 2017 began – but they were definitely the cutest.


Timberlake, responsible for the song of the summer “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from his movie Trolls, was in his usual good spirits at the award show. His wife and fellow actress Biel stunned in a couture dress with plunging neckline. Timberlake could barely keep his eyes off of her, and had knighted her “the greatest of all time” rather than a trophy wife.

A funny moment came when Al Roker interviewed the couple and mistook Jessica Biel for Jessica Alba. The camera came to the pair after the fact, but the three were in hysterics still discussing the mixup. “And Jessica Biel! I said Alba before so we’re doing it again,” laughed Roker. Timberlake was laughing so hard his face was red. “It’s Jay-stin, Jay-stin Timberlake,” said the singer/actor, a little jab at the veteran reporter. “Yeah, get it right!” Biel followed up.

After the laughter died down, Roker asked about the movie Trolls, and the couple admitted their son loves it and watches it over and over again for days on end. “I’ve never been more sick of myself, and that’s hard to accomplish,” Timberlake joked.

This was not Roker’s only mishap on the red carpet. Earlier in the evening while interviewing Mel Gibson, he completely blanked on any movies Gibson had directed in the past. Gibson played the moment off well, but Twitter was not as kind.

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