Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for his fifth time last night and managed not to fall short of the incredibly high expectations for his return to the sketch comedy stage.

Timberlake’s opening monologue, clocking in at a whopping 9-minutes centered on him joining the five-timers club that also includes the likes of Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Paul Simon and Candice Bergen. The real gold of this sketch was that all of these icons made cameos.

Next up was the “It’s a Date” sketch, which featured a game show that had duos Timberlake and Andy Samberg, and Martin and Akroyd battling for a date. The younger pair, famous for “Dick in a Box” sang a couple of new numbers, while the older comics returned as “two wild and crazy guys.”

Unfortunately, Timberlake’s latest foam mascot sketch is prevented from being streamed online due to music rights issues. Following his past performances of Omeletteville, Homelessville, Plasticville and Liquorville came Veganville – set to the beat of “Ice Ice Baby.”

Of course the multi-talented Timberlake was at Saturday Night Live to be the musical performer as well as the host. The elaborate performance included a full band, backup singers, a number of dancers… and Jay-Z.

Weekend update with Seth Meyers included jokes on Dennis Rodman and North Korea, Old Chewbacca and a version of Playboy printed in Hebrew. Bill Hader made a guest appearance during the sketch, returning as his character Stefon.

Last night’s SNL ended on a high note with Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer playing “Saboski” Crystals girls endorsing a new tacky luxury item. Timberlake as Ricky V.I. Penis joined them as they peddled the Moet and Chandon Champaign while referencing lurid tales of their past careers as porn stars.

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