On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake was ankled grabbed while walking hand-in-hand with his wife Jessica Biel to attend Louis VuittonSpring Summer 2020 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk, who has repeatedly pranked celebrities on the red carpet, targeted Timberlake this time. Sediuk grabbed a hold of the 38-year-old singer’s leg and wouldn’t let go until the security guards quickly pulled the prankster away. Timberlake and Biel were fast to laugh off the the incident and they continued walking. 

Sediuk has pulled off numerous similar stunts previously, including attempting to kiss Will Smith on a Moscow red carpet in 2012. Furthermore, In 2016, he grabbed and lifted the super model Gigi Hadid in the air as she was leaving from the Milan Fashion Week, and couple days later, he even attempted to kiss Kim Kardashian’s buttocks.


After grabbing Timberlake’s foot on Tuesday, Sediuk posted an Instagram story, claiming that his action should not be considered as an attack, “before media says that my prank was an “attack” (as always), I want to explain what attack means. This summer my friends and I were attacked and injured by an aggressive homophobe at a gay beach in Kyiv.”

Later on, he also posted the picture of him grabbing Timberlake’s foot, and wrote, “Polishing Justin’s shoes like….”

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