Justin Theroux joined Ellen DeGeneres for an interview on Ellen on Wednesday, and the host surprised him with a very hilarious gift.

Justin Theroux Gets Funny Jennifer Aniston Blow-up Doll on ‘Ellen’

Ellen started the interview off by addressing Theroux’s recent nuptials to Jennifer Aniston.

“The last time I saw you, it was the beautiful wedding and I haven’t seen you since then, and congratulations again,” Ellen said, as pictures of Aniston and Theroux flashed on the screen.

The host asked Theroux to explain why some people thought they were heading to a birthday party and others knew it was a wedding.

“It was a massive miscalculation because we thought we’re gonna tell some people this and some people that, and then people who had busy schedules. Afterwards, we realized that was a terrible plan because you’re basically telling half your guests you’re unemployed and we can’t trust you,” the actor joked.

“I know that you love motorcycles and something I learned today, that, Jennifer will not get on the back of the motorcycle,” Ellen told Theroux.

“She’s gotten on like three times, but now she’s done with it. She doesn’t want to do it anymore,” Theroux replied.

Ellen had the perfect solution to Theroux’s motorcycle problem. “I got you something so that you won’t feel alone,” said Ellen, as a life-sized doll of Aniston was brought on-stage.

Theroux laughed and sat the big blond doll next to him on the couch, hilariously speaking for the doll as his wife. The doll was even dressed up like Aniston, all the way down to her shoes.

“She’s got swollen ankles, she’s always wearing those shoes,” Ellen joked.

Check out Theroux’s interview on Ellen below:

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