The gloves are already coming off on ABC's most guaranteed train-wreck, Bachelor Pad, which pairs the misfits from The Bachelor with the misterfits from The Bachelorette, and watches antics ensue.

Now Justin Rego, who left The Bachelorette last year when he was revealed to have had a girlfriend the entire time he was on the show, is throwing punches at another Bachelorette castoff, Kasey Kahl. "I know how manipulative he is in real life," Rego said of Kahl. "He is very good at getting people on his side. I knew he would be a threat. I knew for my safety, I needed him out that door," the entertainment wrestler said.

It was also Kahl's relationship with the lady everyone loves to hate, Vienna Girardi, that got Rego riled up. "Couples are a threat because they have each other's backs the entire game," he said. Though Rego seems to be lying down his loyalties, there's sure to be more excitement on this season's Bachelor Pad, which airs Mondays on ABC.

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