Justin Jedlica, a self-proclaimed “Human Ken Doll,” has had over 100 cosmetic procedures done, paying more than $100,000, and prides himself on constantly changing and modifying his body.

Jedlica first entered the world of cosmetic surgery about 16 ears ago when he was 17, looking to get a nose job. His parents refused to give him consent, so Jedlica waited a year until he turned 18 and was able to sign off on the surgical procedure on his own. And, as Jedlica told the Huffington Post, his parents weren’t the only ones who needed a little convincing.

“It was also difficult to get doctors on the same page as me being a young male looking for something that was maybe a bit more feminine and definitely a bit more over-stylized…I think as a female it’s a little more socially accepted to have plastic surgery,” Jedlica explains.

Jedlica says he has undergone 128 cosmetic procedures and sees no end in sight. He insists that his body modification obsession is not a sign of psychological or emotional problems, but an artistic pursuit.

“For me, it’s my art form… It’s a way for me to be creative, and to work in tandem with doctors to create something,” Jelica said in an interview with Dr. Drew.

Jedlica views his body to be his canvas, and takes this idea beyond the more common tattoos and piercings. Jedlica expresses a lifelong love of art, and says he is continually searching for new definitions of beauty, which inspires him to get more and more surgeries.

“My journey with modification has progressed where it’s no longer a need,” Jedlica told Dr. Drew.

“I love what it is that I’ve allowed myself to become,” Jedlica said in an interview for 20/20 in 2012.

In the same interview, he revealed that he has spent around $100,000 on his cosmetic procedures, which include chest implants, bicep implants, nose jobs, Botox injections and more.

“It’s like redecorating your home,” Pedlica says about constantly changing his body through surgery.

Pedlica, now 33, has managed to translate his body modification lifestyle into a professional career. He offers his services as a plastic surgery consultant, is working on his own line of surgical implants and makes many public appearances.

Pedlica has a cult following, which he keeps updated on his latest surgeries via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Most recently, Pedlica received shoulder implants and he chronicled the entire procedure on his Social Networking pages:

– Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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