Justin Beiber presents the history of touchdown celebrations in a charming T-Mobile Super Bowl ad.


The 22-year-old superstar sported a tuxedo and thick-rimmed glasses while he described various celebrations. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was featured as a caveman who discovers high-fiving, and then spiking the ball on the ground.

“From the spike it evolved quickly,” explained Celebration Expert Bieber. “We got the shimmy, we got the shake, and the shimmy shimmy shake. Then there was T.O., who took it to the next level.” We pan to former 49ers receiver Terrell Owens dancing with pom-poms beside the cheerleaders, a move he became famous for.

And then we make it to the point of the commercial. “That guy’s got unlimited moves, and today, everyone wants things unlimited,” Bieber says.

Following the T-Mobile voice over that plugs their unlimited data plan, the stars of the commercial get together for one big dance party. And at the end, Bieber breaks it down in his own style, coining his “shimmity sham sham shoomity shake” celebration.

Watch the festivities below.

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