Justin Bieber and James Cordon were spotted filming in West Hollywood for the singer’s upcoming appearance on the Corden-hosted Late Late Show.

Justin Bieber & James Corden

In the bit the two were shooting, Bieber appeared to be acting as Corden’s bodyguard, shielding his face from the cameras as he ushered him to where he needed to be. Corden, acting as though he was being hounded by the paps and onlookers, put his hands up and kept his head low as he followed the 21-year-old singer from a black SUV and into a storefront.

While the pair’s performance seemed convincing, their accompanying attire was less so. Corden looked more the bodyguard in jeans and a black polo shirt, while Bieber looked like his everyday pop star self in skinny jeans and a long tunic underneath a gray sweater, and accessorized with a snapback and two-toned vans.

Corden is likely hoping that he can recreate the success of his first video with Bieber from his early days hosting the Late Late Show. The segment, which showed the two playing a game of Carpool Karaoke quickly went viral. In just two days, the video racked up 15 million views on YouTube. At present, the video has nearly 37 million views.

During the video, Corden asked Bieber some probing questions, including whether or not he’d ever had sex to one of his own songs. When Bieber said that he hadn’t, Corden expressed his disappointment. “If I was you. I would lay the girl down on the bed and create a silhouette of me in the bathroom door and I’d be like,” and then he played Bieber’s “Boyfriend” track.

The Late Late Show will host Jeremy Renner and Alison Brie tonight, Friday, Oct. 16. It airs weeknights on CBS at 12:37 a.m. EST.

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