Justin Bieber shaved off his mustache – or attempted mustache – in an Instagram video, apparently giving up on his facial hair for now.

Bieber has been occasionally growing out his “stache” for years, and has joked that it was a sign of his maturity in his second film, Believe.

Justin Bieber Says "R.I.P 'Stache"

But the time has apparently come for Bieber to say goodbye to his beloved mustache, as evidenced by his very public decision to shave.

“Should I do it?” Bieber asks a friend, standing behind him in his bathroom.

“R.I.P. ‘stache,” Bieber tells the camera before beginning on his quest to shave.

Electric razor in hand, shaving cream coating his upper lip, Bieber begins to shave, asking, “Is this how you do it?”

Bieber also shared an ‘after’ photo, showing off his freshly shaved face, declaring, “Ur boy got rid of his stash (sic).”

Bieber has been toying with his mustache for years, but it’s clear that fans prefer a clean-shaven Bieber.

Jimmy Fallon Trims Jared Leto's Beard

While Bieber was shaving his mustache on Instagram, recent Oscar-winner Jared Leto had his beard trimmed by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

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