Justin Bieber canceled a performance on a German variety show after another act on the show was seriously injured during a stunt.

Samuel Koch, 23, failed to jump over a moving car on the live show Wetten dass … ? (Wanna Bet?), hurting his back and spine. His injuries were initially declared life threatening, but later improved to extremely critical.

In a post on his Twitter, Bieber said, "We all don't think it is right to continue. Please pray for Samuel Koch & his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety." He later added, "Germany I'm sorry we couldn't perform tonight but some things are more important than putting on a show. We will be back I promise. Thank u."

Koch had surgery on Sunday and was put in an artificial coma. This is the first serious accident in Wetten dass … ?'s 29-year history. —ISHITA SINGH

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