Justin Bieber reacted to The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney on Twitter, after the musician was recorded answering a question about Bieber getting snubbed at the Grammys.

Carney’s band, The Black Keys, took home seven Grammy Awards on Sunday night to Bieber’s zero. As the drummer was leaving the ceremony, a reporter wanted to know his thoughts about Bieber’s lack of recognition. While initially Carney deflected the question, he eventually replied saying, “He’s rich, right?… Grammys are for music, not for money… and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess.”

Bieber, who was on Jimmy Fallon about a week ago talking about his artistry, didn’t take too kindly to Carney’s dismissal. “the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha,” he tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Since then, Bieber has solicited nearly 50,0000 retweets and tons of angry fans rallying to his defense. Some of the vicious loyalty could be due in part to the video Bieber posted of himself topless and listening to a new song of his when his live stream failed during the Grammys.

Carney, while incidentally taking the bait with TMZ’s reporters on Sunday, is good-humoredly dealing with the onslaught of tween Belieber hate tweets. Yesterday he tweeted, “My twitter today has turned into a virtual Claire’s accessories.” He’s even been taking the time to retweet and reply to some of the messages with signature snark. When one distraught Bieber fan told him he’s “literally a piece of s—,“ Carney replied, “Trust me I literally am not. I literally would not be able to type.”

For Carney's full response to TMZ, watch the video below:

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