Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing in Miami Beach, Fla., on Thursday in the early morning hours.

Bieber, 19, had been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and was racing someone who was driving a Ferrari, police told CNN. Two SUV’s blocked the street in the residential Miami Beach neighborhood, allowing for the drag race to go on uninterrupted.

When the police caught sight of the illicit activity and approached the offending parties, Bieber showed “signs of impairment,” according to police spokesperson Bobby Hernandez. The pop star also failed a field sobriety test. He was subsequently arrested and booked on a DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Bieber admitted to drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald.

“For his DUI charge it’s going to be a combination of alcohol and narcotics," Miami Beach Police Detective Vivian Hernandez told the New York Daily News.

The “Beauty and a Beat” singer currently remains in police custody and is being transported from Miami Beach Police Station to jail. Once there, Bieber will most likely be able to post bond, reported ABC News.

The driver of the Ferrari, the car Bieber was allegedly racing, has been identified as R&B singer Khalil by Miami Beach Police.

Khalil posted a picture on Instagram of Bieber in the passenger seat of a yellow Lamborghini with a mystery woman – later identified as model Chantel Jeffries – in the driver’s seat. “You know bizzle brought that lambo out,” he captioned the snap.

Khalil posted another picture of himself at the wheel of a Ferrari. “Miami nights ridin thru yo city in that hot wheel,” he wrote.

This marks the first arrest for Bieber, although he’s run into other trouble with the law in the past, including allegations of assault and vandalism – such as the recent egging of his neighbor's home. As for what penalties Bieber might face as a result of this latest incident, it’s largely up to the prosecutors.

"Taken together, [Bieber’s offenses] all add up to the very real possibility of jail time. He may escape it, but it’s clearly going to be on the table,” defense attorney Trent Copeland told the Daily News. “The message prosecutors will want to send is that he can’t go barnstorming around the country, renting exotic cars and drag racing in the streets, putting other lives at risk. That’s not conduct the courts are going to just allow to happen.”

– Chelsea Regan

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