Justin Bieber, 17, the pint-sized pop star whom everyone recently speculated might be a parent, wants to emphasize that he is not the baby daddy of Tristyn, son of Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old woman who leveled a paternity lawsuit against Bieber.

The "Mistletoe" singer found one guy in his corner when he visited The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday. "That made me see red," Letterman said of Yeater's claims that Bieber was the father of the 4-month-old, who, according to Yeater, resulted from a brief sexual encounter she and Bieber shared backstage at an L.A. concert last October.

Bieber seemed both taken aback and flattered by the talk show host's support. "Really? You saw red? You were angry — why were you angry?" Bieber asked. "I could smell a weasel," Letterman revealed, to which Bieber announced his agreement.

Though Yeater dropped her lawsuit against Bieber last week, the pop star still wanted to take a paternity test to prove to the public that the child was not his and to discourage any Yeater copycats. The test was conducted on Friday. "Yeah I took it," Bieber told his new friend and ally. The DNA test was reportedly conducted under controlled circumstances, but was simple enough. "They just swab your mouth," he revealed. "Was there disrobing?" Letterman asked. Bieber looked confused at the question. "No, I don't think so," he replied.

Bieber is not the first star to fight paternity claims with a DNA test. Keanu Reeves and Chris Rock have also debunked false accusations of paternity in the past.

The episode airs Wednesday night. Watch a clip here:


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    This is just the most hilarious story of all time. Still, I would like to know the results of this test, just to tie a bow on this story.

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