Aquaman is expected to hit theatres on December 21. It’s facing huge competition, ranging from Holmes & Watson to Bumblebee. But it’s expected to go head to head with Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. The movie is the sequel to the Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews 1964 classic, Mary Poppins. But it’s not the movie featuring the real Mary Poppins, according to Aquaman producer Peter Safran.

Though Andrews has been notoriously absent from films recently, she’s agreed to lend her voice to the superhero movie. While she hasn’t appeared in front of the camera in close to a decade, she has voiced characters in Despicable Me 3 and Shrek Forever After.


Andrews will voice Karathen for Aquaman. Karathen is an underwater creature who is essential to Aquaman’s task of bringing together the Atlantean and surface worlds.

“We wanted the Karathen to have the voice of a classic British actress, albeit somewhat digitally altered,” explained Safran. “And when we found out Julie was interested and available and excited to do it, casting her was a no-brainer.”

That’s not to say that Andrews is against the Poppins sequel. Instead, she didn’t want to distract Emily Blunt from forming her interpretation of the character and declined to appear in the film.

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