Julianne Moore appeared on this week’s Billy on the Street and hit New York City’s Times Square with Billy Eichner to act for a buck.

Julianne Moore Goes On ‘Billy on the Street’

Eichner, mic in hand, led Moore through the throngs of individuals dressed up as Disney and Marvel characters to find people willing to pay $1 to watch her recreate a scene from one of her famous films. As could be expected, many people were more than happy to fork over a buck to see the Oscar-winner perform her craft.

Throughout their time at the “Crossroads of the World,” Moore delivered monologues for The Kids are Alright, Magnolia and The Big Lebowski. Without any hesitation, Moore teared up, dropped angry F-bombs and talked about how freely men talk about their manhood. At one point, Moore just cried on cue – much to the confusion of a tourist passing by.

Eichner, hosting “The Julianne Moore Acting Attack” was as hostile as ever, shooing away the Times Square characters who came near them. A major target of Eichner’s ire was Elmo, to whom he shouted while pointing at Moore, “Take a hard look at a natural red head!”

Eichner was so pleased to have Moore on his show, he tweeted that it was “a highlight of my life!” Responding to the comic, Moore wrote, “the pleasure was all mine.”

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