Julian Jones, a high school football standout and son of former NFL tight end Anthony Jones, died from an apparent suicide on Monday. He was 16.

Highschool Football Star Commits Suicide

Jones, a junior at Hazel Green High School, died on Monday in what the Madison Country Coroner confirmed was a suicide attempt to AL.com. No further details on Jones’ death have been made available.

Matt Putman, Jones’ coach at Hazel Green, remembered the star athlete on Twitter.

Cole Guffey, who plays quarterback for Hazel Green, also shared his grief on Twitter, noting how much his late friend had going for him.

Prior to his death, Jones was considered one of the top-20 football prospects for Alabama’s Class of 2016. The two-way starter at Hazel Green played both tight end and defensive end, and had the athleticism and size to play a number of positions in college. The 6-foot-5, 230-pound teen had already generated serious interest from Auburn, South Carolina and Mississippi.

On Tuesday night, a memorial was held at Hazel Green High School to mourn Jones’ passing. Hundreds turned out at the vigil, sharing memories of the well-liked and promising young man.

"There's nothing anyone can say that's going to make it hurt less," said Pastor Josh, a co-chaplain for the football team. "But what I do what you to hear is how honored I was to know Julian. And I can see from the number of people here, I wasn't the only person privileged."

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