Julia Louis-Dreyfus got a big kiss from her old Seinfeld costar Bryan Cranston on Monday, as she walked to the stage to accept the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Pretends Not To Remember Bryan Cranston

Louis-Dreyfus and Cranston previously co-presented the award for Lead Actor in a Comedy, where they did a bit about Cranston’s brief guest arc on Seinfeld, which Louis-Dreyfus starred in.

“You look so much like the actor in Seinfeld who played the dentist that I dated, as Elaine, who converted to Judaism for the jokes,” Louis-Dreyfus told Cranston, ignoring his claims that it was, indeed, him.

After they named the nominees, Cranston tried one last time to convince Louis-Dreyfus that he had played dentist Tim Whatley, appearing in five episodes of the classic sitcom from 1994-1997. “We actually had a kissing scene together,” Cranston mentioned.

Louis-Dreyfus rebuffed Cranston again, and the duo presented the Emmy to Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory.

Bryan Cranston Makes Out With Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Later on in the night, when Louis-Dreyfus was awarded the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy for Veep, Cranston intercepted the actress on her way to the stage and gave her a hell of a kiss.

The audience laughed as the two actors made out passionately until presenter Jimmy Fallon was forced to intervene.

“Um…Yeah, yeah. He was on Seinfeld. Yeah,” Louis-Dreyfus said when she eventually reached the stage.

After her win, backstage, Louis-Dreyfus confirmed to the press that Cranston is a “pretty good” kisser. “He went for it, man. I appreciate that. He goes for it in everything he does,” she said, laughing.

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