Julia Collins extended her winning streak on Jeopardy for another day on Thursday night’s show.

Julia Collins Wins Again On 'Jeopardy'

Collins, 31, has now won 19 rounds of Jeopardy, which means she’s now tied with season 22 contestant David Madden for the most consecutive non-tournament wins. Far ahead in first place is Ken Jennings, who won 74 games in a row for $2.5 million in Jeopardy’s 21st season.

“It’s so exciting,” Collins told the Chicago Sun Times. “If I’d lost today it would have been disappointing, but how could I complain about this experience?”

Collins’ current cash prize amounts to $410,000. Her success on Jeopardy so far makes her the best female contestant to ever appear on the show. She’s accumulated more money and won more rounds than any that have come before her.

It’s unknown how far Collins, who began taping her appearances on Jeopardy back in January, goes on in the trivia game show. It has, however, been confirmed that she’s quit her job as a business consultant.

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