Rapper Kodak Black will go to a drug rehabilitation facility for 30 days by judge’s order.

The Florida judge, Barbara Duffy, made the ruling this week. However, she also stated that the rapper could remain free until March 7, allowing him to still perform at Rolling Loud, a music festival in California taking place March 3-5.


This sentence was made while the 25-year-old was awaiting a previous trial for drug trafficking. The charges came in July 2022 at a traffic stop where a vehicle search showed that he was in possession of 31 oxycodone pills and nearly $75,000 in cash.

Black has pled not guilty to the trafficking charge.

The conditions of Black’s pretrial release in the oxycodone case were to test negative for illegal drugs. He tested positive for fentanyl on February 8.

At the fentanyl hearing, Bradford Cohen, Black’s lawyer, suggested that the drug lab technician was too starstruck and made a mistake handling the samples or paperwork. However, the technician said that there was zero chance that he mixed up the rapper’s sample with another.

The defense declined to have Black tested by hair sample. Hair tests can track drug use as far back as 90 days, much more than urine and blood tests.

On his last day in office, former President Donald Trump reduced Black’s 46-month prison sentence for providing false information on federal forms to buy firearms.

Black previously served seven months on marijuana possession, child neglect and grand theft of firearm charges. He has also been charged with weapons possession, armed robbery, sexual assault and probation violations in the past.

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