On September 16, 1996, the popular courtroom reality series Judge Judy premiered on television and starred real-life judge Judy Sheindlin. The show became a great success and continued to air on television since its debut. However, after twenty-four seasons it was revealed that Sheindlin was planning to end Judge Judy after its upcoming twenty-fifth season finishes airing all of its episodes. This came as a shock to many fans of the show, as Judge Judy had been airing on syndication since 1996. However, despite the fact that Judge Judy is ending after almost 25 years of airing on television, Sheindlin confirmed that she would not be officially retiring from being a judge on TV and was working on a spin-off called Judy Justice which will air on the ad-supported streaming service IMDb TV.

Sheindlin was working on a new untitled show that was to be sold to another streaming service. It is currently unknown if this upcoming new series is the same one as Judy Justice, which has also not yet premierted.

Despite the lack of official information regarding the show, fans of Judge Judy are still nonetheless excited to see Sheindlin preside as judge over new cases and use her infamous snarky attitude again.

Judy Justice is slated to premiere in 2021 sometime after the final season of Judge Judy finishes airing. Fans of the courtroom series can watch its final season on CBS.

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