Josh Duhamel and Fergie brought their son Axl Jack to Pandora Summer Crush at LA Live last weekend in Los Angeles, California.

Josh Duhamel, Fergie & Axl

Duhamel and Axl joined singer Fergie at the Pandora Summer Crush, where she was performing. The family of three posed for pictures together during a photo op, and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Ready to perform, Fergie donned thigh-high boots and a corset under a leather jacket. A casually clad Duhamel sported faded jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap while holding a jean shorts and graphic t-shirt clad Axl.

Fergie shared a picture from the stage at Pandora Summer Crush, captioning it, “Sound check Angelenos. ?? #lalove #summercrush.”

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While Fergie continues with her music career, Duhamel has a new feature film hitting theaters. The actor stars as former MLB star Bill “Spaceman” Lee in Spaceman.

“I always wanted to do a sports movie. I’ve played sports my whole life; it’s a huge part of my upbringing. At 43, I knew that if I was going to play an athlete it would be somebody at the tail end of his career — just barely hanging on,” Duhamel told the Los Angeles Times. “I knew a little about Bill Lee growing up. I even had his baseball card. I played baseball, and in college I played football.”

When asked about the pressures of Hollywood when it comes to age and appearance, Duhamel admitted that women have it harder.

“Women are really scrutinized … men not so much. It’s tough to be a woman in entertainment. … I’ve seen them be cruel to my wife and to me she’s the most beautiful thing out there,” Duhamel said. “I wish that women were more celebrated for being curvy and round and looking natural and not rail thin.”

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