Actor Josh Brolin, perhaps better known nowadays as Thanos, posted a casual nude on Instagram yesterday, garnering hundreds of shocked reactions from celebrities, fans, and friends alike.

At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked,” he captioned the photo of him, taken by his wife Kathryn Brolin, kicking his legs up to sip coffee in the desert. “Nobody told they meant metaphorically.”

Responses to the post ranged from impressed to flat out scandalized.

Good call on the cushion, no one needs waffle butt,” photographer Pete Halvorsen entertainingly commented.

Phenomenal quad structure,” actor Dax Shepard commented. “Not over-the-top or cartoonish, yet clearly packing some torque.”

Thanos……” one Instagramer judgmentally commented, catching the eye of a more amused commenter who punnily replied “thanus.”

The post, unsurprisingly, received significantly more attention than his regular content, garnering over 260 thousand likes and still counting.

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