After he wowed audiences with his flawless wardrobe and ability to defy the laws of gravity in Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be teaming up director Christopher Nolan once again. The 30-year-old will play Alberto Falcone, also known as "The Holiday Killer," in the highly anticipated sequel The Dark Knight Rises, Variety reports.

Alberto Falcone is the son of mafia boss Carmine Falcone, previously played by Tom Wilkinson in 2005's Batman Begins. Gordon-Levitt will be tackling the role of a villain, as Falcone represents the "realistic" enemies Nolan has said he wants Bruce Wayne to face, rather than the likes of Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy, as seen in earlier Batman adaptations. Official word on casting from Warner Bros. remains scant, but insiders tell Variety that Sundance darling Juno Temple is being eyed for a female supporting role.

While there is still a lengthy wait for the film's July 20, 2012 release date, excited fans have plenty of ways to get their JGL fix until then. Gordon-Levitt can next be seen alongside Natalie Portman in April's Hersher, and 50/50 with Seth Rogen, which hits theaters September 30. —EMILY EXTON

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