Fresh off the huge success of what critics referred to as the “most expensive art-film of all time,” Inception director Christopher Nolan is turning his full attention back to the Batman franchise.  Sources confirm that the villain in the third installment of Nolan’s franchise reboot will be The Riddler – a role that a hair-dyed, unitard-sporting Jim Carrey did his best with in 1995’s Batman Forever. The top name on the casting grid is Inception actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is reported to be “interested,” according to a report in 

Even with no confirmations yet on either side, fans and critics are already debating the speculative moves. While supporters are declaring that Nolan has a proven track record and can do no wrong, the haters are brushing The Riddler off as a lamer version of The Joker, epically as it was brought to life by the late Heath Ledger.

So far Gordon-Levitt’s representatives have denied the rumor, and according to the studio the script isn’t finished yet, and may not feature The Riddler at all, when it is said and done, but hope abounds on the rumor-mill. –ANDREW BANKIN


  • EnzoThunder
    EnzoThunder on

    Jim Carrey should play the Riddler. If you really think about it, its clear he is capable of playing a much darker, and more thrillingly sinister Riddler than the lime-green comicbook drawing he was in 'Batman Forever.'
    Give him some grimey clothes, with a dark green overcoat, some long, dirty, red hair and you're set!

  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    If JGL is cast as The Riddler, people WILL think it's an updated version of The Joker … I mean, JGL and Heath Ledger look like they're practically brothers. I'll never forget them in 10 Things I Hate About You!

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