Joseph Baena, the son of action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, opened up about his struggles in school. Baena’s first major film role, Bully High, deals with what the name suggests, bullying.

Baena explained that in school he was “really overweight” and that the other kids would pick on him for it. “I was bullied when I was a kid, elementary, middle school, and not really in high school, but I just felt like an outsider in high school at the beginning,” he told People. “It was my closest friends that were the ones that bullied me the most and made fun of me.”


Baena has seemingly transformed himself, following in the footsteps of his father.


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In Bully High, Baena plays the role of Eddie, who is class president and a baseball player. Baena describes his character as “the studly guy on the baseball team.”

Baena was once class president during his own time at school. “Being the president, I feel like I curated a good community within the school where everyone was very inclusive, all the clubs were running smoothly, all the dances ran really smoothly.”

Baena then added that when picturing the bullying in the film, he drew upon the abuse he received, “that was the most similar thing that I could personally compare it to.”

For the moment, Baena works as a real estate agent, however, he is looking to be a working actor like his father.

Beana and his father were spotted at Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach early October, after paying homage to the Conan The Barbarian actor, wearing a similar costume, for Dancing With The Stars.

In the past, Baena said that he bonded with his father over bodybuilding and fitness. Schwarzenegger even gave his son a copy of The Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding, which was co-authored by the actor himself.

Beana opened up earlier this year about his relationship with his father during an interview.

Bully High follows Maryam, played by Aneesha Madhok, a high school exchange student harassed by fellow students and teachers alike for wearing her hijab. The film can now be streamed through Tubi.

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