Joseph Baena, bodybuilder and secret son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, hinted that he has split with girlfriend of one year Nicky Dodaj through a punny Instagram caption.

“Training my back today because she didn’t have mine,” Baena wrote under a compilation video of himself shirtless while working out at the gym, then striking his dad Schwarzenegger’s iconic bodybuilder pose.

Hundreds of fans commented asking if he had broken up with Dodaj, but instead of a response, Baena egged on their curiosity with a series of similar jokes.

Training abs because I can’t stomach the pain,” he wrote, followed by “training tris because she didn’t try with me 😭” and “training arms next because she’s not in mine.”

Fans joined in on the gag per Baena’s request.

Training shoulders so I have some to cry on 😓😓,” one replied.

Training legs cuz I can’t stand the pain,” another commented.

Baena posted the jokes without the accompanying video on Twitter just days before.

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