Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son, Joseph Baena, is following his father’s lead by pursuing an acting career. Baena’s Instagram is full of photos that show his dedication to bodybuilding, something no doubt inherited from his dad. Now, it seems that he’s trying to make his own career in Hollywood. Baena recently had a starring role in the independent film Bully High, directed by Bill McAdams Jr.

He posted a still from the film on his Instagram with the caption:

“Having a great time on set of ‘Bully High’
Finally know what it’s like to be a private school kid 😂”

Baena has also hired manager Henry Penzi and has landed his first major acting role. He’ll be in the sci-fi film The Chariot, directed by John Malkovich. There seems to be great interest in Baena as he’s already rumored to appear in a Bruce Willis project as well another gig with Cartoon Network.

Baena recently posted a picture of he and his father together.

The caption shows just how much Baena respects his father. It reads, “This selfie was taken moments before my dad suggested I do “forced reps” for the rest of the workout. You have to go all out and absolutely NO cheating when you train with him, so you know I’m going to be hurting tomorrow. Overloading on the rows, bench press, pull downs, etc… thankfully my studly training partner helped me get every last rep. This is another great approach to training and a fantastic way to build size and strength! Try it out with your training partner 💪”

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