Jose Canseco, who recently lost his finger that had been reattached after a gun cleaning incident, has now lost his fiancé Leila Knight.

Jose Canseco, Leila Knight Engagement Off

Knight called off her engagement to Canseco because “he’s an a—hole,” she told TMZ. The split was long time coming, according to Knight. “So happy to be single again. Took me a long time to use my brain instead of my heart,” she said.

Following Knight’s announcement about the breakup, Canseco took to Twitter to confirm the news.

Knight took the story a step further, alleging on Twitter had threatened to kill both her and her mother, leading her to call the cops.


Attempting to cast some doubt on the new allegations, Canseco responded over social media, suggesting that Knight was spouting lies in an attempt to extort him.

Regardless about whether or not Knight plans on taking any legal action against Canseco, she’s currently happy to slam him on Twitter and share her new single status.

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