Jordan Linn Graham, the Montana newlywed who stood accused of murdering her husband Cody Johnson, pled guilty to second-degree murder on Thursday.

Jordan Linn Graham Pleads Guilty

Graham, 22, changed her plea from not guilty to guilty, accepting a deal in which the prosecution dropped the charge from first to second degree murder. Before the judge accepted the plea, he asked Graham to detail exactly what happened in her husband’s death, reported CNN.

“It was a reckless act," said Graham, who shoved Johnson, 25, over a cliff in Montana's Glacier National Park on July 7, just days after their wedding. “I just pushed. I wasn't thinking of where we were."

The newlyweds had allegedly gotten into a heated argument while hiking through the park. Graham claims she was telling Johnson that she didn’t feel how she should feel after marrying the supposed love of her life. "I wasn't really happy," she told the judge. Graham added that Johnson grabbed her and she told him to “let go.” She then placed one hand on his back and the other on his shoulder before sending him on his fatal free fall.

Graham's Sentencing

After both the prosecution and defense rested their cases on Thursday after four days of testimony, the prosecution proposed the plea deal to the defense. Neither side had yet given their closing arguments.

Graham was placed in handcuffs shortly after the judge accepted her plea deal. By pleading guilty, Graham could face the rest of her life in prison. The minimum sentence in her case would be 19.5 years. Graham's sentencing is scheduled for March.

– Chelsea Regan

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