Jonathan Knight broke his nose in a freak accident aboard the New Kids on the Block tour bus Saturday night, which sidelined him from that night’s concert in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Knight’s Freak Accident

“Sorry I won’t be on stage tonight,” Knight tweeted Saturday evening before New Kids on the Block were set to hit the stage at The Forum in LA. “Had an accident on the bus. Banged up my face badly, broke my nose and got a few stitches ?? #fightclub.”

Later that night, Knight took to Instagram to share a picture of his injuries (above) from backstage while the rest of the boy band performed. Keeping his sense of humor about his battered face, Knight was ready with a timely quip when Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan told him to “break a leg,” saying, “how bout a nose?”

New Kids on the Block has been touring with Nelly and TLC this summer.

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