Actor Jon Voight posted a video to Twitter filled with baseless election fraud claims, and said that “this is now our greatest fight since the Civil War.”

The video, posted to Twitter on November 10 with the caption “we all know the truth,” has three million views.

In the almost two minute video, Voight claims that Joe Biden‘s win was a “lie.” He calls the election “the battle of righteousness versus Satan, because these leftists are evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation.”

“We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost,” he said. “Let us give our trust to God, and fight now for Trump’s victory because we all know this ballot count is corruption like they are. So let us not back down. Let us fight this fight as if it is our last fight on earth.”

President Donald Trump has yet to concede to Biden, and on Monday tweeted that he won the election and claimed that the “The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election.”

Democratic and Republican officials have agreed that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Trump’s campaign has filed several lawsuits claiming that the election was fraudulent, but many have been thrown out because they do not have any proof of actual voter fraud.

Voight has been an outspoken supporter of the president, calling him “one of our greatest presidents” in a video where he prayed that the president wouldn’t be impeached earlier this year.

Trump awarded Voight with the National Medal of Arts last year, and called him “one of America’s greatest living legends in cinema.”

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