Actor Jon Voight, arguably best known for his performance in the cult classics Anaconda and Midnight Cowboy, has once again voiced his support for President Donald Trump, calling him “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

The Academy Award-winning actor, and father of actress and notable leftist Angelina Jolie, posted a two-part video on his Twitter account and addressed it, “To my fellow Americans.”

The video, posted on the evening of May 24, has already garnered 3.55 million views for ‘Part 1’ and 5.24 million views for ‘Part 2.’

In the video, Voight bashed the “political left” for their “absurd words of destruction” against Trump who Voight believes has “made every move correct.”

Voight has publically supported Republican presidential nominees for over a decade now, so his support for Trump, which started shortly after the announcement of Trump’s candidacy, comes as no surprise. His “respect” for Trump has even earned him a seat at the table of Members of the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Ironically, however, Voight used to identify as a liberal and often took part in anti-war activism earlier on in his life. He has since condemned his earlier views, blaming Marxist propoganda for his political stances at the time.

His turn to the GOP went mostly unnoticed until Trump’s stint in the Oval Office. Out of all the negative responses to the aforementioned videos, the most notable comes from fellow actor Alyssa Milano, who responded to the videos by calling him an F-lister who is desperate for relevance.

Voight, who is set to star in the upcoming political legal drama film Roe vs. Wade, has not responded to the dig.


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