Jon Stewart attacked the NFL on The Daily Show last night, pointing out the institution's repeated failings when it comes to dealing with domestic abuse issues.

Jon Stewart On The NFL

Stewart launched into his criticism of the NFL by introducing the cases of the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice, the Carolina Panthers' Greg Hardy and their meager repercussions – until public ire forced the franchises to hand down harsher punishments. After a swell of public backlash, Rice's two-game ban turned into an indefinite suspension from the league and Hardy's lack of a suspension evolved into him not being able to compete until he appeals his domestic violence conviction.

Stewart, who calls the NFL the League of Exculpatory Gentleman, said, “It's the kind of firm decision-making we’ve come to expect from people who don’t know what the f–k they’re doing.”

Following the domestic violence issues that have made headlines, the league's star running back Adrian Peterson was indicted on child injury charges. The former league MVP was deactivated for the Minnesota Vikings' game against the Patriots. After they were destroyed in the game, the Vikings reactivated Peterson only to deactivate him once again due to pressure from sponsoers. Chief among the disapproving sponsors was Anheuser Busch.

"How crazy is this? A company that sells alcohol is the moral touchstone of the NFL," Stewart said. "Alcohol, maybe one of the only substances that is proven scientifically to increase the likelihood of domestic abuse. That company is saying to the NFL, 'You guys got a real problem here.'"

Stewart closed the segment with clips of NFL experts and analysts contemplating what a distraction out gay football player Michael Sam would be to the league. As Stewart observes, the NFL would be happy to have Sam as a distraction in light of the weeks of bad press for their player's legal issues.

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