Jon Stewart called out Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for his hypocrisy on the same-sex marriage ruling, but still felt sorry for Scalia’s terrible Friday. To show his compassion Stewart presented a hilarious cartoon of Scalia’s day on The Daily Show Monday night.

Jon Stewart’s Scalia’s ‘Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day’

Stewart noted that Justice Scalia may have been the one that reached his breaking point. Stewart followed this statement with a group of news reports consisting of the strange and conflicting opinions of Scalia on the same-sex marriage ruling – plus his use of the words “jiggery-pokery” and “pure applesauce.”

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” Stewart joked as he imitated a smack in the face with his hands. “Jiggery-pokery?’ ‘Applesauce?’ Sir, let us not say things we can never take back… or even understand,” Stewart said.

Stewart pointed out that the crankiness of Scalia’s insults “runs inverse to his intellectual consistency.” Stewart then remarked with a laugh, “I assume he would rule in favor of freedom of speech.

Scalia argued that the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision ignored the will of the voters, but Stewart noted that Scalia didn’t seem to care about the will of the voters when he tried to destroy Obamacare just a day earlier. “Or if the voters wanted to limit campaign finance spending, then he had no problem telling people to f—k off at that time,” Stewart said.

The laughs grew louder when Stewart decided to play a cartoon sketch of Scalia, “to honor one of the worst Fridays of his life.” The hilarious cartoon starred a chubby animated Scalia walking to a bar then finding it closed for a gay wedding, he pouts and walks to the bus station to get sprayed by mud, a storm cloud appears and he gets caught in a thunderstorm, and finally when he gets home to eat a can of applesauce, the cabinet filled with his applesauce collapses! A bad day indeed.

Check out the funny sketch for yourself: