Jon Stewart, in his penultimate episode of The Daily Show, decided to look back on the 16 years of news headlines he mocked.

Jon Stewart’s ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ Segment On ‘The Daily Show’

Stewart’s final Daily Show episode is set to air on Thursday, but on Wednesday night, the host wanted to take one last look at the show’s best news takedowns.

“I would like to reflect on what we’ve built here, over these past 16 years,” Stewart told the audience. “I feel like what we’ve built here is a monument — to evisceration. Issues, pundits, politicians. We here at the show left no target un-disemboweled.”

“It wasn’t just evisceration, we annihilated things,” the host added. “I remember one night even the Hulk was like ‘dude slow down,” Stewart joked, as a picture of the Hulk popped up on the screen.

Stewart proceeded to reflect on all his past targets in the segment ‘Destroyer of Worlds.’ The host began with Islamic terrorism, noting how people doubted his ability to tackle ISIS. However, the host pulled up clips from his past episodes covering the ISIS news stories, and Stewart took pleasure in pointing out his success at political satire.

“Boom! We eviscerated them. ISIS, I humbly accept your surrender,” Stewart said.

Stewart continued on, looking back on his race relations segments, Fox News put downs, and Wall Street headlines.

By the end of the segment, Stewart realized that world has not gotten any better over the years. “The world is demonstrably worse than when I started! Have I caused this?” Stewart shouted.

The host then hilariously transformed into Hamlet — pulling out a skull — realizing one thing has improved: The New York Mets’ playoff chances.

“Yes! I’ll take it,” Stewart cried out.

Check out the new segment for yourself: