Jon Snow, the Game of Thrones character played by Kit Harington, still appeared to be dead during the show’s season 6 premiere, “The Red Woman.”

Jon Snow Dead

Much has been said about the fate of Jon Snow since Game of Thrones‘ fifth season wrapped up last year. In the finale, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch Jon was stabbed numerous times by a group of his men who believed that he was a traitor for working with the Wildlings. Delivering the final fatal blow was his young protege Olly, who had a particular hatred for the Wildings, as they had murdered his family.

Though Jon’s blank stare indicated that he was really and truly gone, theories about how he could still be alive have been floating around the Internet in abundance. Ahead of Sunday night’s premiere, there was speculation that events could unfold to reveal that Jon is not as dead as he seems. No such events happened in “The Red Woman.”

For the entirety of the season premiere, Harington’s acting was limited to being corpse-like. There is, however, still reason to hold out hope of a wakeful future for Snow.

As of yet, no one has buried Snow or lighted a funeral pyre for him, which leaves open a few possibilities. Jon’s direwolf Ghost is still in the picture and being kept close to him, meaning it’s still vaguely possible that he’s become a warg. The Red Woman, Melisandre, is still around as well. Though she seems slightly sapped of her magic – even exposing the far older, frailer her beneath the youthful visage – it is still possible that she will call on her powers to give Jon Snow a second life. And, finally, the Night’s King could play a part in Jon’s future as well.

Perhaps next week the theories will all be proven wrong, or somehow Jon Snow will return.

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