Jon Hamm‘s first Golden Globe for playing ad man Don Draper on Mad Man wasn’t given to him in person – and it had his first name misspelled.

Jon Hamm’s First Golden Globe

Hamm, who is currently serving as a juror at the Sundance Film Festival, hopes that the Hollywood Foreign Press takes a look at his interview with Vanity Fair‘s Krista Smith. During a sit-down with Smith, Hamm revealed what it was like getting that first Golden Globe during the writer’s strike in 2008.

How did he receive the award?

“In the mail,” said Hamm. “And they spelled my name wrong, which was also awesome. And I was like, ‘Aw, man. Uh guys, there’s no h.'”

Hamm added, “I haven’t gotten the little plaque to stick on the new one yet, so hopefully, if you’re out there watching, it’s J-O-N – or Jonathan.”

While Hamm doesn’t have any films showing at Sundance this year, he does believe there’s an award he could and should win. “There should be a jury for best scarf and hat,” said Hamm, who added, “We should get the Mumford and Sons here and they can just judge it. And it would be the suspenders and facial hair runoff.”

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