Jon Hamm didn’t take home an Emmy on Sunday, but the bushy beard he sported to the Emmy Awards earned him quite a bit of attention.

Hamm, who attended the awards as a nominee for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series (his sixth nomination in a row for his role as Don Draper in Mad Men), captured everyone’s attention when he stepped out onto the red carpet wearing a white tux and a big, salt ‘n pepper beard.

At a Mad Men party hosted on Friday, Hamm admitted that his beard was a product of his time off and distaste of shaving.

“I love not shaving. This ends up happening… I was in England and was working on a project and had been away for four months and I finally got home and I was like, I think I’m done with shaving for a little while… That was three days ago and then this happens,” Hamm told E! News.

When asked if he would shave his beard for the Emmys, Hamm responded with a nonchalant, “Probably not.”

Hamm reportedly gave his stylist Diana Schmidtke fair warning a few days before the Awards show, sending her a picture of his beard. Schmidtke revealed that she did not have much to do to get the beard camera ready, the grooming lasting only ten minutes.

“I trimmed away stray beard hairs and kept a nice clean line along the bottom to keep it sophisticated,” Schmidtke told GQ.

Another trick Schmidtke used on Hamm’s attention-grabbing facial hair – hairspray.

“I spray hairspray on a disposable mascara wand to keep hairs in place,” Schmidtke said.

Though he did not go home with a trophy, Hamm celebrated the award show with fellow nominee Amy Poehler with a Loser’s party – no Emmys allowed.

“We figured that the winners get celebrated enough so we thought it was about time that the losers get celebrated. And Poehler and I are friends from a long time ago and every year when we would lose the Emmy we would kind of wink at each other and call each other loser for the rest of the night,” Hamm told E! News.

The “Losers Lounge,” as the actor called it, will also serve as a charity fundraiser. Hamm’s longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, said that the price of admittance for winners would be a $1,000 donation to a charity.

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