When you're rich and famous, there are plenty of ways to give back, but rocker Jon Bon Jovi has found a way that sounds really tasty. Along with his wife Dorothea, Bon Jovi opened The JBJ Soul Kitchen, a "pay-what-you-can" restaurant that serves such upscale dishes as cornmeal crusted catfish, grilled salmon and grilled chicken breast with homemade basil mayo. Located in Red Bank, N.J., the restaurant offers healthy, delicious food to people regardless of whether they can pay, though it does provide them with the opportunity to help out in exchange for the scrumptious meal, CBS News reports.

"With the economic downturn, one of the things I noticed was that disposable income was one of the first things that went," Bon Jovi said Wednesday. "Dining out, the family going out to a restaurant, mom not having to cook, dad not having to clean up — a lot of memories were made around restaurant tables.

While there are envelopes on every table for patrons to donate money for their meal, those who can't afford to pay can volunteer at the restaurant by busing tables or working in the kitchens. Working at other local charities can also be exchanged for vouchers for free meals at the Soul Kitchen.


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    Very interesting concept. I've heard of these "pay what you can" restaurants popping up in Brooklyn these days.

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