Johnny Weir is a former Olympic figure skater and current Olympic figure skating commentator with fellow skater Tara Lipinski, as well as a superfan of Christina Aguilera.


The Olympic Athletes from Russia figure stating team of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov earned a fairly low score for their routine set to Aguilera’s 2007 hit “Candyman.” The couple wore a matching yellow outfits with black polka dots, despite an overly serious routine. In addition, the pair missed several key elements of their routine, landing themselves in fourth place.

“Nobody loves Christina Aguilera more than I do,” Weir said afterward. “But this pair is a little square to be giving us ‘Candyman’ realness.” Lipinski agreed, and added a scathing comment on the couple’s wardrobe choice. “When you go to the Oscars, you wear Oscar de la Renta, not a party dress,” she said.

Many memes have been created out of Weir and Lipinski, as the pair have coordinated their over-the-top outfits for each Olympic broadcast that they are part of. They even both bedazzled their headsets. Many at home have compared the two to the fashion of the Hunger Games, and the commentators responded that they love the comparison.

“I get it. Mommy loves it,” Weir wrote on Twitter.

“This is our normal. I’m looking off into space wondering what my next meal will be. Johnny is guiding me in my heels with his beautiful smile….holding all our bags. The perfect gentleman,” Lipinski added.

See more of their looks that Lipinski has posted to her Instagram page.

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