Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov have put their divorce plans on hold and have put in place some rules for their marriage going forward.

Johnny Weir, Victor Voronov Reconcile With Terms

Though Weir, who’s been filming a show in Los Angeles, is expected to shortly move back into the couple’s New Jersey home, Victor is insisting that he first signs a contract of sorts. The contract mandates, among other things, that Weir publicly apologize for some of the nasty things he said after their plans for divorce made the headlines and to stop letting his mother meddle in their marriage, reported TMZ.

Voronov is not the only one with conditions. Weir has stipulated that cheating, which notes includes sex, oral sex, kissing, sexting, aggressive flirting, “mutual masturbation” and using social media dating apps, will result in a voding of their marital agreement.

In the new chapter of their marriage, both Weir and Voronov will get biannual joint STD tests. If either of them breaks the new rules of their marriage or should one of them wish to divorce the other, they’ve come up with a plan for separating their belongings.

Weird and Voronov, who announced that they were splitting back in March, were married in New York City on Dec. 30, 2011.

– Chelsea Regan

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