On Monday, Johnny Depp concluded his cross-examination in the defamation lawsuit he brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The trial, which began April 11, sees Depp seeking $50 million from Heard for a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote about her experiences with domestic violence.

In his testimonies, which also include bizarre asides about his drug use and relationship with his mother, Depp and his team have attempted to paint Heard as emotionally and occasionally physically abusive and said the relationship left him “broken.” on Monday.

Before Depp left the stand, he was also asked about texts with foul or abusive language submitted as evidence by Heard’s legal team. Depp called the texts were intended to be “irreverent and abstract humor” he employed to deal with a “difficult or unpleasant situation.” They also played audio captured of a fight where Heard reportedly said, “Go put your f––king cigarettes out on someone else,” and Depp responded with “Shut up, fat ass.” Depp has denied putting out a cigarette on the actress.

Other witnesses called on Monday included his house manager Ben King who was asked to recall the night he visited their Australia house to find it trashed after a fight between the couple. King also said he walked in to find Depp’s personal doctor “rummaging through a bin,” while Heard was “crying a lot.” They eventually found the tip of Depp’s finger “scrunched up” in a piece of paper.

This night is a point of dispute for the case, as Depp claimed Heard severed his fingertip after tossing a vodka bottle at him, while Heard attested that the actor caused the injury himself when slamming his hand holding a phone against a wall of the house.

Heard is now set to take the stand for cross-examination in the coming days. She is seeking $100 million in a counterclaim against Depp where she has said the actor helped orchestrate a smear campaign against her with bot social media accounts. The claim accused Depp of attempting to get her replaced on the film Aquaman and as a L’Oreal spokeswoman.

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